Skywire is England’s longest and fastest zip-wire experience  – even more exciting if you go down the line backwards! Experience half a mile of pure zip line exhilaration and see the Eden Project from above, see the Cornish coast, and fly like a bird!

What to expect...

No helmet, no goggles, just great fun flying the Skywire zipline backward.

Maybe you’ve already flown forwards and now you want to try a different position without any protection. Maybe you can’t face looking down the wire – either way the inverse zipline is great fun and without goggles and a helmet, you get a great sense of freedom.

The weights are different from that of the forward-facing Skywire

Min. age: 8 years

Min. weight: 45kg (Please note that the minimum weight can be raised at any time for safety reasons)

Max weight: 120kg (Please note that the maximum weight can be reduced at any time for safety reasons)

Under certain weather conditions, the minimum and maximum weight limits may increase or decrease. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more up-to-date information or feel free to call us on the day.

Skywire is our most popular attraction. Participants should allow 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete the experience. This excludes waiting times which could be extensive during school holidays.

(flying side by side)

This is only offered during certain summer months (usually July and August) or for special occasions. What you can do now IS at checkout, click the little checkbox that says Guaranteed Fly With a Friend (£10.00) and it will add £10 to your cart for that booking and we will ensure that you and your friend (providing you both have Skywire [or package] tickets) can fly together.

Book the Inverse - Skywire Zipline Backwards at Hangloose Adventure Eden

By unchecking this option you agree that you do not get a refund if we have to cancel due to bad weather.

One of the "must-do" things to do in Cornwall!

“This place is incredible!! The facilities are outstanding, the activities (we did Skywire, Gravity and Big Drop) are immense but most of all the staff make the whole experience an exceptional one.

“From booking through to instruction on the day, the staff are the most professional and fun I have come across at any UK activity venue.

“I cannot recommend Hangloose highly enough for a safe and fun adrenaline fuelled day. If you are down this way, whatever the weather, Hangloose is a great day out. We have already booked again for next year!”

Trevor S. from Tripadvisor

Gift vouchers

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A Hangloose Bluewater Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for the adrenaline junky in your life. 


Hangloose Bluewater

Building on the remarkable success we have had in Cornwall, we are developing one of the biggest and most exciting Adrenaline Activity Centres in Europe at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

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Information about cancelling the Bad Weather Refund

Package Addons

Basic Photo Pack

Digital Photos of your adventure on Skywire, Gravity and Skytrek

Premium Media Pack

Videos & Photos on Skywire and Gravity. Photos on Skytrek

Bad Weather Refund

BAD WEATHER REFUND – Full refund if SkyWire is closed due to bad weather. Covers up to 5 tickets on a single transaction.

Guaranteed Fly With a Friend

FLY WITH A FRIEND – Fly at the same time as a friend (who also has a Skywire or Package ticket). Guaranteed.